EZ-sensor™ Starter Kit

What is the EZ-sensor™ Starter Kit?

The revolutionary new replacement TPMS EZ-sensor™ is here! The EZ-sensor™ is the only truly programmable TPMS replacement sensor solution! The EZ-sensor™ is a blank sensor until programmed with a Bartec made TPMS Tool. Once programmed to a specific application, simply install the EZ-sensor™ as you would any replacement.

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Download the EZ-sensor™ Starter Kit PDF!

EZ-sensor™ PDF



Schrader® based the design on their patented and proven Snap-In design and arranged for the programming software to be available on the market leading TPMS tools: their AirAware and the Bartec TECH400 range. This means that for the majority of customers no extra investment in new tools is required and programming the EZ-sensor™ programmable sensors are seamless with their current processes.

EZ-sensor™ Replacements EZ-sensor™ Benefits

  • One Sensor for all Makes
  • Snap-In Design
  • Quick Programming
  • Rapid Turnaround
  • Reduced Inventory Levels
  • Will eventually cover 90% of TPMS Sensors
  • Save money & fit the right part
  • From Schrader® the worldwide leader
  • Over 100 years experience
  • Fast simple assembly to the wheel rim
  • No nut or torque profiles
  • Based on patented Snap-In design
  • Steel & Aluminium wheels
  • Fast simple Programming
  • Works with Schrader® 21230
  • Works with Bartec TECH400 tools

Why Stock Anything Else?

The myriad of TPMS fitments, vehicles and programming processes is making the servicing and replacement of TPMS and TPMS related problems more difficult to diagnose and rectify.

The EZ-sensor™ simplifies this process, reduces stock and coupled with the portable programming tool makes the diagnosis, selection of vehicle and servicing of TPM easy and efficient.

EZ-sensorEverything you need to get started today!

  • Schrader EZ-sensor™ sensors
  • Aluminum Valve Stems
  • Training DVD
  • Programming Fixture
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Guide
  • Application Guide

The Right Part, Right Away!

TPMS Sensors need to be replaced for many reasons. The most common are:

  • Sensor battery has failed
  • Sensor is broken during service
  • Sensor is damaged while being driven
  • New sensors for additional wheel sets

EZ-sensor™ makes it possible to solve each of these scenarios. WITH JUST TWO PARTS!

BartecBenefits of EZ-sensor™

TPMS Sensors need to be replaced for many reasons. The most common are:

  • Flexible and Reduced Inventory
  • Faster repairs
  • Easy to program - Easy to use
  • Copy ID from existing sensor
  • Create a new ID without typing
  • Fully programmable (ID and Protocol)
  • Program sensor AND car with the same tool
  • Once programmed performs as the OE sensor
  • Patented Schrader Snap-In design
  • Only TWO part numbers

EZ-sensor™ Starter Kit Options

  1 year
EZ-sensor™ 315 & 433 MHz Aluminum
Valve Packs
Quick Start
User Guide Application
Training DVD
Starter Kit (400)
x √(4/2) √(6) x x x x x
Starter Kit (300SD)
x √(4/2) √(4) x x x x x
Training Kit (400)
- - - x x x x x
Training Kit (300SD)
- - - x x x x x

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